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Cranial Osteopathy and Visit from the Physical Therapist

Posted by mymaysa on January 23, 2009

We had two appointments back to back today; one with Frances Demmerle, the DO and one with Kara Kiernan, Maysa’s initial PT.

The osteopathy session wasn’t too much fun for Maysa. She was cranky the moment I put her in the car and all the way to the DO’s office. While there, she kept fighting her and got mad. You could see her annoyance turning into a tantrum. It is hard to say how much cranial osteopathy does actually contribute to the progress she’s been making and as much as I want to put that time and money elsewhere, I don’t want to deny Maysa the chance of making even better and faster progress by discontinuing treatment with cranial Osteopathy. I just hope she appreciates it when she grows up…

The visit from the PT was a lot more fun. She came to Maysa’s daycare and first observed her. Maysa is very social and didn’t mind her presence at all. She gathered some information and from what she saw and heard was very pleased with the progress she’s made in such a short time. Just so you know, Maysa didn’t start rolling over until close to 9 months of age. She didn’t start crawling until 11.5 months but ever since has been pulling herself to a stand. She also will stand on her own for a few seconds and cruise around the couch or the ottoman at home. She is also trying to climb up the stairs, scary!

Today, she was babbling, humming, going up and down the slide, crawling, walking with help, pulling herself to a stand. It really seems like all of a sudden she doesn’t need physical therapy. When she was first evaluated, just two or three weeks ago, they put her at 9 months old for her gross motor skills. Today, the PT told me that she was right at the 11 months mark, which is great!  She thinks that she can still benefit from physical therapy and she is now putting us on the waiting list for a specific PT for Maysa.  I have a feeling that she will be walking before that PT sees us next.

That’s the news for the day.


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Cranky during Cranial Sacral Therapy

Posted by mymaysa on December 29, 2008

I took Maysa to her 4th cranial sacral therapy treatment this morning. She was cranky. Well, she’s been cranky for the past few days. I think that she is teething again. She hasn’t been eating or sleeping properly lately and those two areas are usually not a problem.

Anyway, Frances spent a good 40 minutes doing what she does best using her hands and a great deal of concentration. Maysa was annoyed and cried for the most part. She didn’t want to lay down on her back. Oh! By the way, she has been crawling forward since this past Wednesday. I am so happy about it. She is 11 and a half months and at that age, most babies start walking. Mine, is shyly starting to crawl forward… What a milestone!

I printed out for her the progress pictures I got from CT and was very pleased with the results as well. We are scheduled for another visit on 01/21.

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Cranial Sacral Therapy – 3rd Appointment

Posted by mymaysa on December 10, 2008

Right after we saw Amber at CT on Monday we took Maysa to Frances for another CST appointment.  She did what she usually does: she uses her hands and puts pressure on her head, back, hips and rib cage.  She said that Maysa still felt quite tense to her and she would like to see her in another two to three weeks.  I was hoping that we were done but then again, Maysa’s head has been reshaping so well.  Is it strickly the DOC band?  Is CST truly helping?  I will never know for sure, but I am trying hard to use all options available.

One more thing, Maysa’s stress moves have come back full force.  It’s quite a site and I really don’t know what to make of them.  She crosses her legs at the ankles, if she is sitting on her high chair, she holds on tight to the its arms, she tightens her jaw shut and she stresses…  If she is on the floor or in her crib, she’ll hold on to something or just puts her fits together and look so stiff. 

I don’t know what it means but it doesn’t seem right.

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Maysa’s Second Cranial Sacral Therapy Appointment

Posted by mymaysa on November 26, 2008

I took Maysa in this morning to her second cranial sacral therapy appointment with Frances Demmerle.  She worked on her for about half an hour and noticed right off the back that she didn’t look so stiff.  She asked if I had noticed anything since our last visit and the truth is I have.  Aside from the fact that Maysa has been doing so well in her DOC band since she got it three and a half weeks ago, I have also noticed some changes in her that I can only attribute to CST. 

Ever since Maysa turned 3 months old, she started stretching her legs at a 45 degree angle, crossed at the ankles then her arms at the same degree angle while holding her hands together and she would rock them up and down with her teeth/jaw clenched and breathing hard through her nose.  I really wish I had a picture of her that I could show you.  Anyway, at our last appointment, Maysa got into that position while Frances was working on her.  I had never seen any baby doing that before my daughter and neither did Frances, but she said that after her first session of CST, she might actually stop doing so. 

I really didn’t think she would stop.  Maysa had been doing so for 7 months, everyday, several times a day.  It made changing her diapers quite a challenge because she would always stretch and cross her legs at the ankles.  Try putting a diaper on a baby like that!  Anyway, the next day after our first visit, Maysa did the same move almost ALL day long.  It was a little scary, I mean everywhere: on her high chair, on her exersaucer, on the floor, in her crib, in the bath tub, you name it.  I thought to myself, what has happened!?

Then, she got a really bad cold and an ear infection, so she was really miserable for a few days.  She is now doing a lot better but I have to admit that after that one day of getting into that position non-stop she hasn’t done it once, and that is amazing to me!  After seven months of doing this on and off several times a day, to one day of doing it all day long to not doing it at all…

When I asked Frances, she told me that when she saw her in that position she looked stressed out and like she said she hoped that whatever work she did on her would help her relax to the point where she wouldn’t do it again.  Well, like I said, she hasn’t done that in days now.

Another thing I noticed is that Maysa sleeps so much better at night and during the day.  Her daycare provider sometimes tells me that she sleeps for three hours in a row, sometimes more.  At home, she went from waking up two to three times at night to only once to nurse, and then she goes right back to sleep.

Is she just growing up or is CST really working on her?  I don’t know but I like to think that it is.  Today she worked on her as well, but Maysa was a little fussier.  She usually goes right back to sleep after waking up for an hour in the morning and Frances was messing up her schedule.  Frances started with her lower back and hips, then her upper back and then her head.  Maysa wasn’t a happy camper today and she looked more irritated than in pain, to me.

When I asked Frances about what she thought about Maysa’s progress, she said that her head and her body now feel more like a jellyfish rather than a hard stick…  I never thought I would compare my daughter to a jellyfish but funny enough, I like that idea a lot.

Our next appointment is in two weeks.  I will keep you posted.

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