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Our journey through plagiocephaly and brachycephaly

4-6 Months

At four months, when still nothing is looking right and when pediatricians seem to think that it’s OK to let babies grow with a misshapen head, I start looking online for some help, some guidance, some other way to treat the problem other than repo, repo, repo.

Someone online suggests I join the Yahoo Plagiocephaly Group.  For some reason, it actually takes me two weeks to do so.  What was I thinking?  It has been the most resourceful place of all!  In the meantime, my husband doesn’t seem to think that there is anything really wrong with her head shape either.  He really believes the doctors when they say that it will round out.  I am having a real hard time convincing him that her head is flat in the back, even when pointing out Maysa’s sister well rounded head.  He thinks that I am obsessed by it, so I realize that the only way I’ll make him see it is if he hears it from someone else, and not just anybody else, a specialist.

I do some research online and find out that there are four providers in our area: Cranial Technologies, in Annandale, VA; Orthomerica, in Columbia, MD; Eastern Cranial Affiliates (ECA), in Arlington, VA; and Hanger Prosthetics, in Alexandria, VA.  I set up an appointment with all four in that order.  I make my husband come with me to Cranial Technologies.  He is really not happy to be taking Maysa there and has no trouble showing it.  At the time, I am not too impressed with the PT we see and I feel like all they are trying to do is sell us their product.  I have to admit that I felt disappointed, or was I hoping to hear from them that she really didn’t need one?  I don’t know…

Here are Maysa’s study pictures from Cranial Technologies taken on 6/18/08.

CT Initial Evaluation Pictures

CT Initial Evaluation Pictures

3-D Scan of Maysa at 5m 1w

3-D Scan of Maysa at 5m 1w

The following week I have an appointment with Orthomerica in Columbia, MD.  They take a scan of Maysa’s head and then show me her 3-D image on the monitor.  I ask for a print out of this one angle to show my husband.  If he still doesn’t see it after looking at this, he never will!

See for yourself.  Her head is flat and slopped.  I am not imagining things.  After seeing this, my husband finally admits that there is something wrong and agrees that we should try to do something to fix it.  Phew!

Also, during my visit with Orthomerica, the orthotist gives me a two page copy of her summary report.  She explains to me that her Cephalic Index (CI) is at about 98% and that her asymmetry at about 7mm.  She tells me that her right ear is a bit forward compared to her left ear and that she mainly has brachycephaly with a bit of plagio.  Another important number to look at is her head circumference.  It is at 445.6mm.  It is important because her progress depends entirely on her head growth.  If she doesn’t grow during the time she is in a helmet, her head won’t reshape proportionately.

Orthomerica Starscan p1

Orthomerica Starscan p1

Orthomerica Starscan p2

Orthomerica Starscan p2

I really like the orhtotist that sees us at Orthomerica as well as their facility and the equipment they use, but they are the farthest away from home, and I have to take that into consideration.  Traffic around the metro DC area can be really nasty at times. 

The very next day, we visit the place with the passive helmet.  I wish we never had.  That is where Maysa gets her first helmet from.

A few days later, I take Maysa to Hanger Prosthetics in Alexandria, VA.  The office staff is really nice but the place looks a bit run down.  The ortho that sees us is extremely kind but so young.  She looks like she is 20 years old and the people on my Yahoo group have emphasized that dealing with an experienced ortho is just as important as getting a band/helmet.  Anyway, she pretty much gives me the same measurements the other have but at that point, I have already made up my mind.  We are choosing the passive helmet place for our little Maysa. 


6 Responses to “4-6 Months”

  1. Tatiana said

    Dear Maysa’s Mom,

    Could you explain,please, why you went with Crenial Tech vs Orthomerica? We are facing the dilemma at the moment! We’ll have to fly from MN to IL for treamtment if we go with Cranial Tech. We have already completed one helmet with a local ( no name ) place. Saw some improvement, but not satisfied with the outcome. We want to go now with Cranial Tech or Orthomerica. I would really value your input!

    Thank you for your time and this wonderful blog!

  2. Matthew M said

    So did you finally decide to go with Eastern Cranial Affiliates? We took our doctors advice and went with Hanger Orthopedics but we’re not getting the warm and fuzzies and I think my LO is in pain. He doesn’t fuss, he wails and when we take off the helmet, we see a bunch of red spots

  3. mymaysa said

    We did go with Eastern Cranial Affiliates for 3.5 months and it was a mistake. We should gone with Cranial Technologies or Orthomerica. My little girls is now 5 years old and is looking great. She doesn’t remember any of it and I am glad that I did what I did for her. I need some recent pictures of her…

  4. Gizem said

    Please help me. My son is 13 months old. He has Plagiocephaly. Our doctor delayed us. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to treat my sons head.

  5. Anonymous said

    Is there any email to contact you ?

  6. mymaysa said

    Type your email address and I’ll email you.

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