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Bootiful Halloween 2011

Posted by mymaysa on October 31, 2011

What a great day and night Halloween was this year!  I always worry about the weather being too cold, rainy or windy, but not this year.  We had some sun, no wind and it wasn’t terribly cold!

Since Maysa saw her sister perform in the dance performance The Beauty and the Beast, this past summer, she’s wanted to be Belle for Halloween.  We’ve been working on her costume for a long time but we did it.  Maysa was Belle for Halloween and her sister was Rapunzel, so once again, my princesses were princesses, and once again, they were fit for it.

Below are a few pictures of Maysa and her sister at Mount Vernon where we went for a photo shoot.  Our beloved photographer, Jennifer Wells, has moved out of the area but I think my husband and I did a pretty good job at capturing some really great memories…

Here is my favorite of the two of them together:

Rapunzel and Belle 2011

Here is another one of Maysa sitting on the grass with her warm yellow cape and sweet smelling red rose…

Maysa Belle with her Cape and Rose

And another one of my favorites…

Maysa in Belle Dress

I also love this one.  Maysa was giving us silly smiles and her sister couldn’t stop giggling.  Love it!

The next morning, it was Maysa’s Halloween parade at her preschool.  As one of her teacher put it, she was the Belle of the Ball.  She wore her cape as they paraded on the street and smiled the whole time.  She also posed for pictures, waved and twirled, just like a real princess.  She loved it, and well, so did I!

Maysa Belle at her Preschool

Maysa Belle Parading

Back at the preschool, they had a party.  I did have to take off her petticoats so she could sit.  She had a lot of fun and the food was so yummy, especially the cookies and the cheetos…

Bon Appétit, Maysa Belle!

And here is one last one to show off her perfect Belle bun.  I did it myself.  Not bad huh?

Belle Bun

Both Maysa and her sister went trick or treating that night.  Their cape kept them warm and their princesses’ shoes made it so that we didn’t have to go through the entire neighborhood 😉

What a BOOTIFUL Halloween it was…


3 Responses to “Bootiful Halloween 2011”

  1. Andrea said

    Just want to tell you how much appreciation
    I have for you, I think you are a wonderful mother!! Sorry my English is not great ;(
    I am a first time mother and since my son was 2 months I notice His flat head but nobody including the dr Told me not to worry I knew that something was wrong, I took him at 4 moths to see dr. Myseros and he confirm my suspicious Anthony has torticolis and branchycephaly ;( and need a doc band!!!! I was so mad bc I could not believe the pedriatician did not notice it??? Anyways I’m so glad that I did not care what anybody said I did what was rigth fir my son he is on the doc band for 3 weeks and we have 3 more to go!!!! Thanks again for this wonderful blog it make me feel so much better and have hope that my angel Is going to get better! Thanks and God bless you!
    You have such a pretty girls 😉 love, Andrea and Anthony.

  2. mymaysa said

    Andrea and Anthony,
    Thank you for your nice comments and I hope that you are now happy with your little one’s head.
    Take care,

  3. Lorna Scott said

    Hi Leila,
    Thanks so much for this blog it has really helped support me with my sons brachy. My son had a CI of 97% at 7 months when he had his first doc band helmet. He’s now (just) 11 months and has a CI of 90%.
    Were now being told that we should be happy with this CI and not put him in a second (self funded) helmet. I’m scared we are missing further opportunity to correct his head though and I’ll look back with regret.
    My sons brachy looked very similar to Maysa’s when she was a similar age.
    Do you have any thoughts or advice for me at all.
    I’m so confused.
    thanks, Lorna

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