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Back from the Eye Doctor…

Posted by mymaysa on August 4, 2011

I haven’t posted in a long time and I need to upload a few pictures of Maysa now who just turned 3.5, but for now, I’ll just give an update on our visit to the eye doctor today.

It was short and sweet.  Maysa’s vision is still great and while she still exhibits signs of exotropia, she seems to be more aware of it and as a result, seems to think about it first.  I cannot say that it has gotten worse at all.  In fact, it seems to be a tiny bit better.  Again, I am not sure if it is because we fuss at her each time she does it and therefore tries to not do it or if it is because it is getting better on its own.  We go back in 6 months.

I do want to add though that her eye doctor said that a lot of the kids he sees have a history of skull deformation and that it is very possible that Maysa’s exotropia is related to her plagio, though he cannot confirm without looking at the results of CT scan.  I told him that I was a bit concerned about a vertical ridge down Maysa’s forehead that wasn’t there at graduation but that is now a bit prominent.  He wrote a note to her ped…

I’ll write more about what I think that prominent metopic suture is when I can post some pictures of her now.


6 Responses to “Back from the Eye Doctor…”

  1. Jennifer said

    That is good news that her Extropia seems to be getting better or at least stable. It would definitely makes sense if it was caused by plagio (after reading exactly what it is). You know, Sebastian also has a vertical ridge down the center of his forehead. I didn’t think anything about it. Now I’m a bit concerned.

  2. Jennifer said

    *Exotropia (sorry, spelled it wrong)

  3. Maria said

    I just recently noticed a vertical ridge on my 5 year old daughter’s forehead. And I’ve been trying to do some research on it. I’m not sure what doctor to ask and what to do. I see that you haven’t posted for quite a while, but I’m still hoping that you might read my comment. My daughter has some delays. She caught up on speach mostly, but takes her awhile to learn new things. I wonder if that’s the reason why…

  4. mymaysa said

    I couldn’t tell you if the ridge is causing any delays. Maysa still has a ridge but no doctor could tell me why. I would ask the doctor though if they thought her sutures have fused prematurely. A friend of mine’s son had to undergo surgery because of that and the boy is now fine.

  5. Maria said

    Hi, Leila!
    Thank you so much for your reply! No doctor ever payed any attention to the ridge. I didn’t either. But now that I started to worry about my younger daughter’s rapid head growth, I did some research, and checked my elder daughter forehead and found that ridge. Now I am not sure which doctor to consult about this, pediatrician is not much health, and she isn’t conserned at all.
    Both my girls have noticeably wider back of their heads and narrower front part, I’m not sure if that’s ok.
    Sorry, I might sound confusing.
    By the way, your girls are absolutely precios! How’s Maysa doing now? How are her eyes?

  6. Manvi Gupta said

    Hi Mymaysa,

    After reading your blog I decided to get my daughter Doc band , as she was have same condition. Now due to band , i have seen some side effects on her eyes , which i need to talk with you.
    I request you to please let me know how I can contact you or talk to you . Appreciate your help

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