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Mommy, it bothers me…

Posted by mymaysa on June 21, 2010

For the first time over the weekend, while Maysa was going down to sleep, tossing and turning as she always does before she finally drops, she actually sat up on her bed and said to me:  “Mommy, can you fix my hair.  It bothers me”.  You guessed it.  I had her hair in a ponytail that wouldn’t budge.  The same ponytail that kept her off her back for about a year now. 

I quickly took it apart and fixed it a little higher on her head.  When I asked her if it was better, she said “Yeah”.  Within 5 to 10 mn, she was fast asleep.  I, however, kept thinking about it.  It is hard to sleep on a tight ponytail.  I say so because I couldn’t.  For about a year post graduation, she’s had to (a little less lately, but still).  Last night, I kept telling myself that her head has kept improving, that while she can’t comfortably sleep on her back because of it, she can still sleep on her tummy and sides and sleep the whole night through.  I guess I wish that it never bothered her really, but her saying so made me feel a bit sad.

So this morning, looking at her head once again, I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way it looks.  She has come a very long way and I still believe in further improvement.  I guess, soon enough she’ll figure out how to loosen that ponytail and it won’t be an issue anymore.

Just sharing along the way.


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