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A Year Ago Today…

Posted by mymaysa on May 26, 2010

So a year ago today, Maysa graduated from her 2nd DOC band and we were once and for all done with bands.  She had to wear four bands total: two kidcaps from ECA, which we believe failed her big time, and two DOC bands from Cranial Technologies which is what we should have picked to begin with.  She wore them from July 2, 2008 till May 26, 2009, almost 11 months…

Well, 12 months later, here is the progress she’s made:
Left Profile:  Here are some comparison pictures where I cropped her pony tail and the background to help focus on the actual shape of her head.  In this one, I feel like the base of the back of her head is where her head has rounded out the most lately.  It has gotten deeper too, there is no doubt.

Top View:  In the following, I am comparing her head from July 2008, when she was in the Kidcap to now and from this past January when she got her last starscan to now.  She’s improved dramatically from July 08 till now, but look, it seems that she’s also improved in the past 4 months!  Click on the pictures to zoom into them and look at the measurements on the rulers.

Front View:  I couldn’t get a good shot of her front view but I found these two pictures pretty comparable.  Her face has gotten longer and as a result, it doesn’ t look as wide.  Also, the reverse pear shape is less noticeable to me.

I couldn’t get a good right profile shot but even from that angle, things look pretty good.  What I was able to get instead is a back right side picture that shows how nice and round her head is there.

I hope that this post gives hope to all parents out there wondering if things can actually get better post banding.  It has for my Maysa.  Thank you Amber and the team at Cranial Tech for helping reshape my little girl’s head.  I will always owe you!


4 Responses to “A Year Ago Today…”

  1. Max said

    Hi, just read about your doctor and so your pictures. We finished the cranial therapy just 2 months ago. Not optimal, the head is looking a bit flatter on the back compared to your doughter when you finished. I was so sad. But now I see how things can improve naturally which gives me hope. Thanks alot!
    Would you have more pictures from the top of your doughter’s head as of now to compare the progress?

  2. Max said

    i am watching the pictures and they are amazing. Especially the improvement 3months after the helmet! Was this picture really shot just 3 months after the helmet got off? The improvement is dramatic! Have you spoken to the doctir after you finished the therapy? Is the natural improvement normal or rather unusual?

  3. Janene said

    Thank you! My little guy had 2 doc bands but only improved 4% in his cephalic ratio. I am concerned he still looks too pear shaped and I’m not sure what to do. He is 11 months old now. I feel a bit better seeing your daughter improve on her own, even over one year old. Appreciate your post.

  4. mymaysa said

    Everything that is posted on Maysa’s Blog is true, pictures, dates, and facts… I never went back to Cranial Tech or the Orthomerica in Columbia MD. Also, I am not sure if the progress she made post band is expected, but I will tell you that for 8 months after that, she never slept on her back. I used to comb her hair in a tight ponytail right in the back and therefore, her only options were to sleep on her sides or her tummy, which she did for about 8 months or so. One day, she finally told me that the ponytail bothered her at night time and so I stopped…

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