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The latest report(s)…

Posted by mymaysa on January 28, 2010

There are a few things you all need to know before you look at the reports: 

  • First of all, we didn’t see Laura Plank so the reports that I have do not reflect a comparison between now and her April scan.
  • The orthotist we saw was really nice and compationate and we actually didn’t have to pay a penny for the time he spent with us or the reports he handed us.
  • Right before he scanned her (and Maysa was screaming her lungs out and mad at the world) he told us that because of the thickness of her hair we were most likely to see a flat area on the scan.  To tell you the truth, I thought he was going to say that he wouldn’t be able to scan her BECAUSE of her hair.
  • To reassure me that her head wasn’t flat at level 3, he also gave me a level 2 report that shows how round it is right below level 3.  As you can see below, there is no way (anymore) that her head could be that flat at level 3 to then be round again at level 2
  • Also, remember that Maysa’s flat spot was never on the back left side but rather on the back right side.  So, in other words, ignore the flatness you see in the level 3 report.
  • At home, when I overlaid the scans (January and April), I found that the January scan was a little bit off-center, a little too much to the right and that is probably why her right side looks fuller than her left in that one.

Now, here are the reports:

Level 3 Report:

So, first of all, I removed some info at the top and added in the “Shape 2” column her numbers from the April scan.  Again, as you can see, she grew over 2cm in circumference.  She only grew about 1mm in width and almost 10mm in length.  Her plagio also got slighty better, although in real life it looks even better, and most importantly her cephalic index is down to 88.4% at this level (Level 3).

Now, in the Level 2 report below, you’ll notice how much rounder her head is in the back.  Non of that  non-sense flatness that you can see in level 3:

You might also be wondering why her ears look funny.  That is because her hair was sticking out a little on the right hand side.  The cranial breadth changes at that level but the orthotist told me that it was mainly because of the ears that show at that level.

One thing I am still not sure of is where her head actually grew in length.  When I overlay the April and the January scan, most of the growth seems to have happened in the front and a little bit in the back.  I never thought that her head would grow that much up front.  It is hard to say because the center point of the two scans are a bit off center.  That is really matter: No.  What matters is that we have an oval looking head that is not flat anymore with such little asymmetry.

Can you believe that the report below belongs to Maysa?


5 Responses to “The latest report(s)…”

  1. Anonymous said

    How cool that they scanned her for you for free. I would love to have my son remeasured at least when he turns two. I wonder if they’ll do it. Wish that caliper thingie wasn’t so expensive, like 70 dollars. I would get one if I could find one. Do they sell those in the stores, you know?
    I looked at the scan from when Maysa had the other helmet. That must have been so frustrating. I would have been furious at those people. Could you take legal action? Their product shouldn’t be on the market if it worsens baby heads!!

  2. mymaysa said

    I have no idea if they sell them anywhere. What I would like to own is a STARscanner :), just kidding!

    The time that Maysa wasted in the kidcap from Eastern Cranial Affiliates was more than just frustrating. I became very depressed and shortly after I realized what had happened, I started my blog. I am not a lawyer but I have a voice and a story to tell AND retell and that is the best action I can take right now. I believe that the kidcap shouldn’t be on the market, but I also believe that what goes around comes around, if you see what I mean…

  3. Anonymous said

    Hello Leila,

    The results are amazing, even if her CI is still high, her head looks perfectly normal on the scan.After so many months of frustration, it is all behind you now!

    I sent you an e-mail with Maya’s results, but i am guessing it went to your spam folder like last time. Let me know if you got i, if not I will resend it. I am very happy with Maya’s results and glad i did it whilst every single person in my environment was against it. it was very tedious to travel every 15 days ALONE with my baby but it was all worth it.


  4. Jennifer Wells said

    Hey Leila,

    I just wanted to tell you that I appealed BCBS months ago and just found out that we won! We got 90% of what we paid for our StarBand. I used some of the appeal letters on the yahoo group to help me write my letter and it worked. We are so excited!


  5. mymaysa said

    Yay, Jennifer! Another success. I am so happy for you guys. I must be nice to see that money get back where it belongs. It a shame that people have to pay out of pocket to see their kids get treated.

    Also, I read all of your latest entries on your blog and loved it all, especially the sippy cup in the cupboard and the diaper transformation!


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