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ECA Vs. Cranial Tech

Posted by mymaysa on October 7, 2009

So, what happens when you get a cranial helmet meant to correct plagiocephaly and the helmet is not symmetrical.  Well, in our case, we ended up with even more asymmetry after 3.5 months of treatment and over 3.5 cm of growth in head circumference.  Look at the picture below.  On the left is a top view picture of Maysa’s second helmet from ECA.  On the right is a mirror image of that picture.  Do you see the asymmetry?

Maysa's 2nd Helmet ECA

Maysa mainly had brachycephaly but the helmets she wore from ECA were never really that much longer in the back nor were they rounder at the base.  As a matter of fact, they always looked kind of “short” in the back, like they were not covering her head all the way to the bottom.  Look at a comparison between her 2nd helmet from ECA on the left and her 2nd DOC band from Cranial Tech on the right.


Now why didn’t I do something about this from the start?  Well, I trusted too much, had too much faith in the expertise of our orthotist and kept quieting my mommy instincts.  I am still so glad that while Maysa regressed in the helmets from ECA, we were still able to get great correction from the two DOC bands she wore after that.


6 Responses to “ECA Vs. Cranial Tech”

  1. Michelle Kaelin said

    Hi there,
    I was wondering how long your daughter had to wear the DOC bands. Is she finished with them and are you happy with the results?

  2. mymaysa said

    Maysa wore her first DOC band she was 9.5 months old. She graduated from her second band she was about 16.5 months old. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Her head really did reshape beautifully and kept (in my opinion) improving even after she graduated. My only regret: not getting her a DOC band back when she was 5 months old. Had she started then in a DOC band, she would probably have needed only one, not two and would have been out of it sooner.

  3. Elizabeth said

    Maysa is a very pretty little girl! Everything turned out so well for you. I am wondering why she was in two ECA bands, did she complete the first one? I thought her measurements were being falsified at that office. I looked at the ECA website and saw that Dr. T boosted that ECA was Superior to the DOC band becuase the foam on a DOC band doesn’t provided enough resistance. Ha! All I can do is laugh! I mean has he actually ever seen one.
    Good for you! It was a long road but what a wonderful ending. And you are helping others out there with this blog.

  4. mymaysa said

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Maysa wore two helmets from ECA because the first broke after Terpenning heated one of the sideburns that was digging into Maysa’s cheek to move it away a little. A piece of non-sense, really, that helmet. That should have been my other sign, although I’ll tell you, that line he has on his website about his helmet being superior to the DOC band and him explaining it to us while we went for our first consult with him, I believed it at first. Boy was I naive back then…

  5. Stephanie said

    I want to thank you for this blog. Today is my “Day One” with the cranial orthotic. We have the Starband. I am doing the one hour on, one hour off today. Things are not going well. I have triplets and both girls are wearing the helmets. I would love to chat back and forth with you if you are willing to help me and answer a few questions. I am at my wits end and its only day one.

  6. mymaysa said


    God bless you with the triplets! I just finished sending you a note via email. Please, feel free to email back and share your concerns whenever you feel like it.

    Good luck,

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