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All is good looking…

Posted by mymaysa on September 22, 2009

 We went to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland this weekend and the girls got to see some interesting people in some very interesting costumes.  The jousting was the highlight and so were the elephants.  The girls also got to play in the kids area.  It was hard letting them roam on their own because of all the crowd that was gathered but also because of the uneven grounds, so when we finally found a leveled spot with benches and enough space for them to just walk freely, I pulled out my camera and started taking some pictures.  A woman who was passing by and then sat down looked at Maysa and her sister and then turned to us and said: “What a GOOD LOOKING family you have!  Really, just precious!”  I don’t want to sound shallow or anything but it made me feel so good, especially for Maysa.  She doesn’t just look normal anymore, she just looks great!

Soraya and Maysa

Soraya and Maysa

Daddy, Maysa and the sunglasses





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Left Ear…

Posted by mymaysa on September 13, 2009

Besides the silly grin on both pictures, do you notice how far back Maysa’s left ear has moved in the past 8 months?  Her ears were so flat at birth and then started sticking out once she developed plagio and brachy and now at 20 months of age, it seems to be less obvious.  I don’t know if the right ear is acting the same.  In the recent picture, her hair is covering too much of it, but boy!  She is really looking better and better every day.


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