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Post DOC Band Natural Improvement

Posted by mymaysa on August 25, 2009

I can’t seem to stop posting about the changes that have happened recently in Maysa’s head shape.  Here is another comparison shot.  It is not perfect, I know, it captures her back right profile in an unusual angle but definitely outlines where her head has been growing in the back, don’t you think?  I also want to mention that the picture on the left was taken about a month and a half after she graduated from her 2nd DOC band while the one on the right was taken two and a half months later.



2 Responses to “Post DOC Band Natural Improvement”

  1. Natalie said

    I love how you post these pictures. I think this is one main reason I wanted a band for Lola because even after it’s off, they said I should continue to see improvements because it has shown her head the correct way to grow.

    Lola got her band yesterday and went better than expected, but early this morning I took it off and she had a red spot. So I left it off and let her sleep some without it. Then when she woke up she still had it and CT said not to put it back on until it fades, but it never faded today so I had her sleep without it tonight. I am going to call tomorrow, because I guess it made a little strawberry on her head. It’s right above her ear where there is a pretty big bulge. Is this normal? How long will it take for her to get use to it and be able to wear it all day and night?

    I don’t know how you were able to check for red spots with all of Maysa’s curls!! She has a lot of hair and it’s so cute! If Lola had more hair I feel like I wouldn’t be able to see the red spots!

    I hope Lola can be back in her band soon!

  2. mymaysa said

    Hi Natalie,

    I don’t take CT style pictures of Maysa as often as I used to but I’ll keep taking them for a while. I just love to see her improve on her own as she is getting older. I was told by CT as well that the head would keep growing in the right direction once the band was off. However, I also really think that the fact that I am now able to reposition her at night, thanks to her pony tail, that her head has been able to grow fuller in the back where it needed to. She literally never lays on the back of her head anymore…

    I saw your post with Lola in her new band. You are right, she looks so cute and it’s hard to believe that when the band is off she’ll look even cuter. It was very had for me to check for red spots. She did get one at the very start in her first band and it was also right above the ear. It was the size of a lentil and definitely red, almost blueish. I took her back to CT and using some lipstick, they shaved off just a tiny bit in that area. Everything was well after that. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait. Take her back to CT and let them adjust it. You want her to be able to start wearing it full time. I don’t quite remember with Maysa but I think that she started wearing it full time by day 2 or 3 and she never seemed bothered by it…

    Also one thing I notice about Lola’s band is that it’s not a brachy band but a plagio band. The brachy band doesn’t have the cap on either the left or the right. I thought that Lola only had brachy. Maybe she has both. Have they told you that she has any asymmetry? Either way, Maysa’s plagio band worked great and I am sure that you will start seeing results soon, so do take pictures of her profile and the top of her head. You will love comparing them as she progresses.

    Good luck. I’ll leave a note on your blog later…


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