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Flat to Squarish to Roundovalish, WOW!

Posted by mymaysa on August 18, 2009

Ok, so while I haven’t taken pictures of Maysa’s head in a while I did take some this weekend and have been comparing them to some older ones.  Here is this set below:



I outlined her head and trimmed her hair in all three pictures so the focus in on her head shape only and not her hair.  In July 2008, her head is obviously really flat and she has a little bit of a conehead.  In May 2009, she is about to graduate from her DOC band and while it is much much improved, it is kind of squarish overall.  This past weekend, August 2009, her head is round.  WOW!  I am amazed!  She is improving on her own.  What a relief!


3 Responses to “Flat to Squarish to Roundovalish, WOW!”

  1. Kel said

    She looks really great!!!

  2. Natalie said

    I was wondering if you have opinions about Star Cranial Center of Excellence versus Cranial Tech. Our hospital teams with the first of the two, but I see you went with the second of the two and your little girl looks great!

  3. mymaysa said

    In my opinion, if the best of Star Cranial Center of Excellence could team up with Cranial Tech, we would have the best cranial helmet and service for kids out there. While my daughter never wore a STARband, there are things I like about both places.

    I like the photostudy that CT does, but I also love the STARscanner and the reports that Orthomerica does. I prefer the look of the DOC band, but I like how the STARband comes in different designs. I like the fact that Orthomerica gives regular scans throughout treatment, but I also like the DSi that CT does.

    Here is what I don’t like: The DOC band is only good for 4 months. The STARband is good for 6 months. Cranial Tech does hand measurements only. Orthomerica’s measurements rely on the the STARscanner. The STARband covers too much of the head, the DOC band doesn’t. While the report from Orthomerica can give you a 3D picture of what the head looks like and how it progresses, with CT, you actually get to hold your child’s head mold at the start of treatment and physically compare it to the progress he/she is making. Not all orthotist at Orthomerica are trained the same, training at CT is consistent.

    At the end, I think that the people who go to CT for treatment see the same consistent results overall. With Orthomerica, while the STARband is a STARband, the experience of the orthotist may vary greatly and results might not be as consistent.

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