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Exit Photo Study!

Posted by mymaysa on May 27, 2009

Alright, I just received Maysa’s last Photo Study from Cranial Tech.  Besides the fact that she cried her lungs out, she looks fabulous to us!  My favorite shots are the top view and her right profile.  The pictures on the left go back to 10/20/08 prior to her first DOC band.  The ones on the right were taken yesterday on 5/26/09.

Here they are: 

CT photo study front view 10-20-08 to 05-26-09

CT photo study back view 10-20-08 to 05-26-09

CT photo study left profile 10-20-08 to 05-26-09

ct photo study left profile no pony tail 10-20-08 to 05-26-09

Left Profile - No Pony Tail


CT photo study right profile 10-20-08 to 05-26-09

Right Profile - No Pony Tail

Right Profile - No Pony Tail


CT photo study top view 10-20-08 to 05-26-09


4 Responses to “Exit Photo Study!”

  1. Alexis said

    Yea!!! I’m so happy y’all are DONE! The difference is AMAZING! Good job Leila…and Maysa of course!

  2. mymaysa said


    She really looks great. This morning, I didn’t have fiddle with her hair to try to cover anything up. All I needed was a hair clip for the front part and we were all set. I should have taken a picture, but then again, I can take one tonight or tomorrow or the many days after that. From this point on, I know that she will be alright.

    I hope Holland gets even better results!


  3. Kristy said

    WOW Leila- Maysa looks fantastic! It is funny cause I stopped by the Plagio board to see how you guys were doing- and was happy to learn Maysa graduated! Congrats!

    Kristy and Zachary

  4. mymaysa said

    Thanks, Kristy. We are finally done, just in time for the summer. It’s funny how before Maysa used to get people’s attention because of her band and now she turns heads because of her thick curls all around her head. I am loving it! I hope little Zach is doing just as well.


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