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How did that happen?

Posted by mymaysa on April 1, 2009

I am still puzzled over this.  This morning, Maysa was up first, so I got her ready first.  She was in such a good mood this morning, singing, dancing, babbling…  Anyway, after changing her from head to toe, I put the DOC band back on her head and put her in her crib while I go and get her sister ready for school.  She has the music on and she usually likes looking at herself dancing in front of the mirror while standing in her crib.  Well, after maybe 5 or 10 mn, I go back in to check on her and she is holding her band in her hand and waving it at me!  The velcro is still closed all the way and I am sure that there is no way she could have opened it.  I know that she sometimes pulls down at it to the point where the front of it covers her eyes but for her to pull it completely off! 

How did that happen?


After talking to Amber, she reassured me by saying that sometimes, as they get older and stronger, babies manage to take the band off without necessarily opening the velcro.  She said that she must have pulled at it really hard because her holding points were still holding tight.  She also said that she’s had parents who would find the band laying besides their sleeping baby in morning when they went to wake them up.  I am not worried.  She hasn’t done it again, so far!


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