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Follow up Visit for DOC band 2 and Band Comparison

Posted by mymaysa on February 4, 2009

We had an appointment with Amber this morning. Since the second band that Maysa received on Monday is only meant to treat her brachycephaly, the protocol is a bit different. Monday and Tuesday we checked for red spots every 3 hours and for two nights she had to sleep without the band on. That was strange. Seeing her in the morning standing in her crib was quite a sight. Her hair was going in every opposite direction on her head, you would have thought that a tornado had passed through. Too bad we are always rushing in the morning or I would have captured it on camera.

The appointment went well. Amber adjusted the front part of the band where her name is and we were on our way. We’ll see her again in two weeks on February 16th. The band is sliding down Maysa’s face quite a bit, but that’s normal. It is so much rounder in the back than the first one and there is a lot of room there for her to grow. Fingers crossed…

If I were to make a comparison between the two bands, this is what I’d have to say:

DOC band 1 looks cuter. I liked how it had that cap going over the right side of her forehead. I always liked decorating that spot first. It also fit better right from the start.

DOC band 2 allows me to hold Maysa’s hair in a fountain at the top of her head. It doesn’t get all sweaty after getting trapped under the cap like with the first band. Also, DOC band 2 to is much rounder in the back. Really, if Maysa’s head rounds out that far and that much, there would be no brachy left in her. Another thing I like about DOC band 2 is that the top back of her head is completely covered as in keeping her head from growing upwards in the back.

In short, I like the curvy design of the first band, but I see the great potential of band 2.

Of course, I will post pictures when I get a chance, and yes, I am still working on uploading that video of Maysa’s DSi.


2 Responses to “Follow up Visit for DOC band 2 and Band Comparison”

  1. nina said

    hi, im going thru the same thing right now, my son is 10 mos and we will be getting our first helmet this wk, but my question is.. you switched helmets? im sorry, i didnt read your blog very thoroughly, but what was that about a “passive” first helmet as someone spoke of (one of your commenters)? because i told them (cranial tech) that i wanted the top of his head to be covered, to gently push down where it grows straight up, but they said that they cannot “push back” where the skull has already grown. is that not true?? did you switch helmets for a more proactive one? because the last thing i want is a “passive” helmet when i can get a tougher one, esp being that its already so late in the game… if you could get back to me, a short answer would be greatly appreciated! thank you, nina

  2. mymaysa said


    Even though your son is 10 months old, you should still see good if not great correction. I just want to clarify that no helmet can push any part of the skull back in. The plates of skull are bones and once they grow out in one direction, they can’t be pushed back in. What the band will do is redirect the growth to other areas to reduce the asymmetry and/or allow the head to grow in the back if you child has brachy. The head will grow upward a little bit because your son will be growing overall. Some babies with brachy or even plagio have posterior head height prior to treatment. After treatment, that is reduced due to the fact that their head grew longer in the front. They then have a more leveled profile. Maysa never had significant posterior head height, but I’ve seen it in others.

    The passive helmet that Maysa had didn’t work anything like the DOC band. The way I see it, it’s like she was wearing a plastic bag over her head for 3.5 months. It didn’t do anything to correct her condition. The DOC bands worked for her and gave her a more “normal” headshape. It is not perfect and it is not what it should have been, but it is not weird looking anymore and I can’t help but feel happy about it for her.

    In my opinion, if you are getting a DOC band, then you are getting the best. Their staff is great and they do stand behind their product. Just know that your son might end up needing two bands instead of just one.

    I hope this helps, and please keep me posted on your son’s progress.


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