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Progress Report from Cranial Technologies

Posted by mymaysa on December 23, 2008

Maysa has been wearing her DOC band for a little over 7 weeks now and I am so happy with the results so far.  Yesterday, I took her to Cranial Technologies for another check up and to get her progress pictures and measurements taken.  I wanted to post an update on her blog right away but I only got her photographs this aftenoon via email.  The measurements, although manual, look really good.  According to Amber’s measurements, her cephalic index (CI) is now down to 90% and her head width actually went from 143 down to 142.  Again, the measurements are manual and 1mm is no big deal, but at least her head hasn’t gotten wider. 

Anyway, her right profile shows her progress the best.  In the first set of pictures below, you’ll see her right profile from before and while in the DOC band.  In the second set, you’ll see the same pictures but without the pony tail.  I had to trim it so I wouldn’t get distracted by it.  I can’t stop staring at them!

Right Profile with Pony Tail

Right Profile with Pony Tail

Right Profile without the Pony Tail

Right Profile without the Pony Tail

I did the same thing with her left profile pictures.  Removing the pony tails helps see the progress she’s made a little better.  In the pictures below, the progress is a little less obvious but it doesn’t surprise me.  When she originally started to wear the band, there was space where I could slide in my finger towards the bottom left side of her head.  It has filled out in the past 7 weeks she’s been in the band and Amber never shaved anything off of that side.  I think that her goal is to even out the two back sides of her head first (correct the plagio) and then allow for more growth in the back to correct her brachy.
Left Profile with Pony Tail

Left Profile with Pony Tail


Left Profile without the Pony Tail

Left Profile without the Pony Tail

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier.  Amber told me that she would probably be in it for another 5 to 6 weeks.  I really would love for Maysa’s CI to go down to 85% or below.  If we get to that point, I would be beyond myself and forever thankful to Cranial Technologies.  Below are all of the progress pictures Cynthia emailed me.

Maysa's Progress Pictures from CT

Maysa's Progress Pictures from CT

We have another appointment with CT on 01/02.  I will also be taking her to Orthomerica in Columbia, MD for yet another head scan on 01/05 (I just have to be able to compare her head shape now with the scan she received on 10/13 using more accurate tools).  On 12/29, we also have an appointment with our DO, Frances Demmerle, for another Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Phew!  Happy Holidays!


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  1. Kay said

    Very pretty little girl:) God bless!

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