Maysa's Blog

Our journey through plagiocephaly and brachycephaly

2-4 Months



We’ve been doing the stretching exercises for a month now, which Maysa hates.  I am not a physical therapist and I am probably hurting her in the process but I am doing what I’ve been told to do.  At three months old, we take her in for her CT scan.  I call her pediatrician a few days later to see if it was all clear.  Everything seems to be OK in that department.  We continue with the stretches.  We continue with the repositioning.

Right after that, and because I am on extended maternity leave, I have to switch insurance and we are all now covered under my husband’s insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I would much rather stay with Kaiser Permanente but it’s not an option.  At four months, we take Maysa to the pediatrician for another routine check up.  The pediatrician there sees her for the first time and doesn’t think that her head shape is “that bad”.  She says that she has no facial asymmetry and that “it will round out on its own”.  I tell her that it seems to me that her head has gone from being flat on one side to flat across the back from trying to reposition her.  I also tell her that it is wider than what it used to be.  Still, she doesn’t think that it’s anything to worry about and sends us back telling us that it will round out.

flat - wider - flat

flat - wider - flat

Honestly, at that point, I couldn’t see how her head could possibly get back to a normal shape given the fact that she can’t do tummy time because of her acid reflux and that she is a back sleeper (no matter how hard I tried to reposition her) and sleeps most of the day.  It’s then that I try to do some research online.  It’s only then that I find out that her condition actually has a more scientific name: Plagiocephaly.


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