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0-2 Months

Slopped Head Shape

Slopped Head Shape

So Maysa slept a lot right from the beginning and like all parents are instructed to do we followed the Back to Sleep  initiative.  She slept on her back on a firm mattress, pretty much all the time.  However, there was another thing that we could not implement with Maysa and that’s tummy time.  She had acid reflux issues and spit up her feedings almost instantly each time she was nursed.  At the time, I thought that it was more important to keep her fed than keep her on her tummy.  I learned the hard way that tummy time is just as important for babies.

Around 6 weeks of age, I started noticing that Maysa’s head was taking on a new shape: slopped and flat on the back right side of her head.  Also, it seemed like her forehead was getting wider.  There were times when it looked more obvious because of the way her hair laid on her head.  Having never heard of the term positional plagiocephaly before, I started thinking that that’s what her head shape was going to be like.  I was also starting to get concerned about the fact that she always looked, slept or tilted her head to the right, never to the left.

We didn’t have to bring it up to her pediatrician at her 2 months check up.  The moment she walked into the examination room, she noticed the flatness of her head.  She examined her and gave us a stretching exercise to do at home for her neck.  She also told us to reposition her to her left side to take the pressure off of her flat right side.  She ordered a CT scan of her head to complete at three months of age to rule out craniosynostosis.

About the flat head syndrome in general, she told us that usually the head rounds out on its own and that what usually doesn’t round out gets covered by the hair.  That second part didn’t really sit well with me, so I asked her what if it doesn’t round out on its own.  She said that some people opt for the helmet therapy but that it was controversial.  Hearing about the helmet at first made me cringe.  Who wants to see their baby in a helmet?  So we went back home feeling totally guilty about being so ignorant about her condition and we started repositioning her and doing the stretching exercises aggressively…

2 Months Check up - Right Profile2 Months Check up - Right Plagio2 Months Check up - Left Profile

2 Months Check Up


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